Links 3/9/22

Links for you. Science:

Why we turned the L.A. River into a freeway (for water)
Warnock legislation would authorize Beagle Brigade, trained in Newnan (food-safety doggos!)
The Puzzling Virus That Infects Almost Everyone. For many people, Epstein-Barr virus causes mild initial infection, but it is also linked to cancers and multiple sclerosis. What do we do about it?
2 years into long COVID, a UMaine professor feels like she’s ‘been buried alive’
SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank
They Have Names: Reality is not “fear-based messaging,” and fewer children will die moving forward if their parents know a bit more about what the virus can do and how the vaccine can keep them safe.


I survived covid-19, but my career at this company might be dead: On my first day back at work after covid, my manager called me into his office and said that my absence was ‘very bad timing‘ and my leadership role within the team had ‘come to an end.‘ (We are not Denmark!)
The Key Distinction That Helps Clarify the Path Forward on the Pandemic. We need to focus less on what individuals can do and more on what institutions can do.
The Real Reason Republicans Are Blocking Biden’s Fed Nominees. It has to do with Sen. Cynthia Lummis and special Wyoming-chartered depository institutions that take cryptocurrencies.
Joe Biden Is All Out Of Ideas For How To Protect Voting Rights
How much of the covid death toll is a function of peer pressure?
“People Are Not Coming Back to the Closet”: The Fight for Ukraine Is Also a Fight for LGBTQ Rights
Tuition-free college movement gains momentum, despite Biden’s stalled plan
What Biden Should Do Now
Convoy picks up cars and anti-Ukraine talking points ahead of Washington arrival
It’s time to confront the Trump-Putin network
Have Zelensky (and Putin) created a come-to-democracy moment? That’s up to us.
How the War in Ukraine Is Being Covered (Up) on Russian TV
Here’s the difference between Jeff Bezos and me
Russian Group Aims to Lead Global White Supremacist Terror Movement
How Texas Came Up With Its New Anti-Trans Directive
Joe Manchin has no time for consequences
So, Just Making Sure That We Agree: It’s OK To Seize Oligarchs’ Stuff Now
The Atlantic’s elevation of MBS is an insult to journalism
How the Most Russia-Friendly Corners of American Punditry Are Coping With the Ukraine Crisis
My Adventures With RT. In 2015, Putin’s flacks mistakenly brought me to Moscow to celebrate Russia Today. It didn’t quite work out the way they’d intended.
With Cheh dropping out, D.C. Council’s Ward 3’s election is suddenly competitive
DeSantis bullies teenagers and the press plays dumb
In D.C.’s poorest wards, Bowser touts advances as she courts a wary electorate
“Beißhemmung” – German, meaning: inhibition to bite/attack. It’s a term that I believe captures much of the Democratic establishment’s reaction to the radicalizing Republican assault on democracy and civil rights quite well.
It may blow your Western minds, but millions upon millions of Russians have internalized this worldview.
Get into the “O-Zone”!!
Ukrainians are fighting a people’s war. How many will have to die in the process?

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