Links 9/15/21

Links for you. Science:

Heart Problem More Common After Covid-19 Than After Vaccination, Study Finds
Fossils Seized in Police Raid Demystify a Prehistoric Flying Reptile
Female octopuses throw things at males that are harassing them
Meet the Spotted Skunks. They’ve Been Keeping a Secret From Us.
PubMed Central Article Datasets are Now Available on the Cloud


Bad Faith: Andrew Sullivan’s infinite repression (ouch)
Who’s Raking Off All Your Awful Office Meetings?
Meet the Woman Suing the Governor of Iowa
The Masked Professor vs. the Unmasked Student
There were more gun arrests in DC ahead of Jan. 6 than previously thought
Let’s be clear on why the US economy is weakening
The GOP’s War on Public Health Officials
Democrats Discuss Scaling Back A Key Caregiving Initiative By Half — Or More (stupid and evil)
Grauniad TERFS
Murc’s law, pandemic edition
Guardian Pulls Judith Butler’s Comments On “Gender-Critical” Anti-Trans Movement
As experts debate boosters, vaccinated people are calling their own shots
Incoming Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin Owns Insider Stock in Firm That Arranges Sky-High Interest Loans
Right-wing vaccine disinformation is killing people, and the propagandists are furious Biden is fighting back
Infrastructure Summer: Joe Manchin’s Symphony of Disingenuousness
Klobuchar to Senate colleagues: ‘End the filibuster,’ ‘get something done’
Porno Hustlers Of The Atari Age
Heather Bresch, Joe Manchin’s Daughter, Played Direct Part in EpiPen Price Inflation Scandal
Signs of Democratic life
As Sept. 18 rally approaches, violent language ramps up online
Those Assholes Are Fucking Everything Up

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