That is, all (unvaccinated) cops are bastards?

As more and more municipalities (and the territorial government of D.C.) enact vaccine requirements for their government workers, there is one group, perhaps not surprisingly, that has publicly resisted these measures: the police. Many police unions are saying (threatening) that many of their officers will quit or retire, rather than get vaccinated, and are fighting these requirements even as COVID-19 has killed far more police officers than any other cause (22 police officers died last week alone from COVID-19).

Multiple bloggers, twitterers (twits?), and columnists have noted that the threats to resign are a proverbial ‘win-win’ situation: not only do we limit the spread of COVID-19, but we also might get rid of some ‘MAGA-curious cops.’ If this does come to pass, it would be interesting and useful to know how many complaints the anti-vaccination officers had relative to the ones willing to get the vaccine. It might be very useful.

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  1. mccamj0409 says:

    I doubt that so many cops will resign if forced to get the jab. The job they have is the best they will get. Certainly not a job with a pension after only twenty years.

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