Accountability: For Public Schools, But Not Conservative Christian Ones

Because one of the unofficial mottos of this blog is that personal responsibility should not be the sole purview of single minority mothers.

Despite the blatherings of usefulprogressiveidiots who have never taught a day in their lives, it has been abundantly clear that the education ‘reform’ movement has its roots in conservative theopolitical Christianity. It has always been about subverting the public system (the ‘godless’ public system) and appropriating public resources for the promotion of sectarian dogma (although shameless profiteering at the public expense plays a considerable role too). Then, of course, there are what were known as the segregation academies, so not wanting to have those people in our schools is still a factor.

Kevin Drum explains (boldface mine):

So if public schools have lousy test scores, they’re failures and their students all get vouchers. But if the private schools have lousy test scores, then….nothing. Presumably the magic of the free market will fix them up.

And maybe it will. But this has always been the Achilles’ Heel of the voucher movement: its virulent opposition to holding private schools to the same standards as public schools. In some places this means not requiring students to take standardized tests at all, while in other places — like Louisiana — it means requiring the tests but not using them to evaluate how well schools are doing. In other words, they want taxpayer dollars without being accountable to taxpayers….

To the best of my knowledge, research on school choice remains inconclusive. Some studies show benefits from voucher and charter schools, others don’t. Part of the reason for this is that test data on voucher schools just isn’t always available, largely thanks to lawmakers who are afraid of what it might show. So if Mitt Romney plans to adopt vouchers as his main education proposal — and he does — it would be nice to hear a little bit about accountability from him to go along with it. Unfortunately, because the true core of the voucher movement is made up of social conservatives who just want taxpayer help sending their kids to Bible schools and consider “accountability” to be a code word for an assault on religious freedom, he’s not likely to do anything of the sort.

And there you have it: accountability for thee, but not for me.

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