Links 3/1/21

Links for you. Science:

Texans Caught in the Blackout Are Rescuing Thousands of Sea Turtles From the Cold
DNA Points to Single Coyote in Series of Attacks in California (need drone strikes)
Study finds cognitive bias in how medical examiners evaluate child deaths
Genomic epidemiology identifies emergence and rapid transmission of SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 in the United States


Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID?
A Marketplace and a Temple
Why We Can’t Make Vaccine Doses Any Faster: President Biden has promised enough doses for all American adults by this summer. There’s not much even the Defense Production Act can do to deliver doses before then. (another legacy Trump fuckup)
Henry Hill, Moline Public Hospital Interdenominational Chapel (1959) Moline, IL
Oren Cass Wants Child Benefits for Everyone But the Poor
Bruce Goff, Freeman House (1959) Joplin, MO
Harvard Prof Says: No Design Flaw in Texas Grid
Keck & Keck, Herbert Bruning House (1936) Wilmette, IL
The latest GOP nonsense on Texas shows us the future Republicans want
Pointless infighting among progressives is becoming exhausting and harmful
Museums remain closed in California while retail shops are open. What that means for institutions large and small
An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?
Germany, Once a Model, Is Swamped Like Everyone Else by Pandemic’s Second Wave
I Tracked Down The Girls Who Bullied Me As A Kid. Here’s What They Had To Say.
Working for Syria’s chemical weapons program and spilling its secrets to the CIA
How The Pandemic Has Altered School Discipline — Perhaps Forever
What 500,000 covid-19 deaths means
The ‘dirty secret’ of being a homeless child
His pastors tried to steer him away from social media rage. He stormed the Capitol anyway.
Why wasn’t a housebound nation tuning in to watch sports on TV last year?
Feds OK’d Export of Millions of N95 Masks as U.S. Workers Cried for More
Rush Limbaugh wasn’t funny or entertaining. He was racist.
“Mark Changed The Rules”: How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures

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