My HAWT TAEK on Georgia

If you haven’t heard, the two Democratic senate candidates won last night, meaning that Democrats would be tied with Republicans, 50-50, and Democratic Vice-President Harris, in her authority as vice president, could preside over the Senate and break ties–including choosing the Senate majority leader. Some thoughts:

  1. Bye bye Mitch! Not that Schumer is any great shakes, but McConnell is a fucking ghoul.
  2. If this result had happened Election Night, keeping the House, knocking off an incumbent president (even a garbage monster like Trump), and retaking the Senate would have been portrayed as a solid Democratic win.
  3. Following on from the above, Democrats should realize they have a mandate, and they need to govern like it. I don’t expect them to be lefties, but they should govern as Democrats, not radical Republicans (which describes ~85-90% of the Republican caucus at this point).
  4. D.C. statehood? It has to be on the table–Warnock made it an issue, albeit a minor one.
  5. My HAWT TAEK is that this result won’t divide the Republican Party (see the refusal to seat a certified state senator in Pennsylvania), but they’ll double down instead. Movement conservatives don’t rethink and reconsider, they regroup and rearm. And at this point, they’re not gulling the rubes, they are the rubes. They’re not just drinking the Kool-Aid, but undergoing full immersion baptism in it.
  6. Trump’s legacy, such as it is, just got murkier. I think many in the party will blame him. Of course, those assholes brought this on themselves by not realizing that men like Trump ultimately turn on everyone, if it suits them. Rooting for injuries.
  7. Historical irony: the runoff in statewide elections was a ‘reform’ designed to make it harder for non-Jim Crow candidates to win. Without the runoffs, Republicans keep the Senate. WOMP WOMP!
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