Links 1/5/21

Links for you. Science:

Does the AstraZeneca Vaccine Also Stop Covid Transmission?
When a Virus Is the Cure
Identification of a novel SARS-CoV-2 Spike 69-70 deletion lineage circulating in the United States
As China embarks on an ambitious push to be carbon neutral by 2060, a collection of ancient forests may hold the key to its green future.
Britain Opts for Mix-and-Match Vaccinations, Confounding Experts


Before Embracing America-First Agenda, David Perdue Was an Outsourcing Expert. Mr. Perdue, who faces one of two runoff elections in Georgia that will determine control of the Senate, built a business record that shifted manufacturing and jobs overseas. (oops)
PAYGONE (very important)
“Those of Us Who Don’t Die Are Going to Quit”: A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies and the Nurse Who Lost Hope
Secret Service to make changes to presidential detail to bring on agents who worked with Biden (“Some in the Secret Service also came under criticism during Trump’s tenure for appearing to embrace his political agenda.”)
In Year Already Heavy With Death, Homicides In D.C. Hit 15-Year High
Idiot of the Year #5: Justin Turner, compulsive exacerbator
The Biden administration is well positioned to fight white-collar crime as trillions of dollars in dirty money courses through the US financial system
Idiot of the Year #2: Donald Trump, brainless molder of old minds
This Year’s Underground Sensation: Modern Monetary Theory
Idiot of the Year #1: Kelly Loeffler, somehow worse than Trump
Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored: Airline workers battle mask resistance with scant government backup
How Israel Became a World Leader in Vaccinating Against Covid-19
Fourteen days that will test our democracy
Somebody Else Should Do Something
The Corporate Transparency Act
Even as a Weak President, Trump Has Undermined Democracy
‘Toxic Individualism’: Pandemic Politics Driving Health Care Workers From Small Towns
State Republican official was hospitalized with COVID-19 after attending White House Hanukkah party
Richmond sculptor Edward Valentine created many of the statues that defined Lost Cause mythology. Now his family’s museum is confronting the legacy.
When COVID hit, a Colorado county kicked out second-home owners. They hit back.
Dozens of COVID-19 cases linked to Christmas Eve gatherings at Woburn church

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