Democrats Need to Govern as Democrats or They Will Lose in 2022

Note that I didn’t say as leftists, just as Democrats. Regardless of how the Georgia Senate runoffs play out, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on Democrats to ‘reach across the aisle’–especially if Democrats do win the two runoffs. This would be a huge mistake.

I don’t expect Democrats to be leftists–the leftist candidate didn’t win the primary*–but the coalition that elected Biden didn’t vote for Republicans. It’s pretty clear, especially when you look downballot, that the NeverTrumpers didn’t deliver.

But Democrats, ranging from Sen. Joe Manchin to Ocasio-Cortez, need to adopt an agenda and stick to it. Obviously, it will be a compromise within the party, but working out the proposals shouldn’t involve Republicans. They didn’t deliver, and most of them supported the authoritarian anyway, so fuck ’em. This time around, don’t ‘pre-compromise.’

*The left is going to have to grapple with how they lost even though their policies are popular. If there is nothing better that could have been done, then we had better resign ourselves to scraps from the neo-liberal high table. Mistakes were made and those were under our control.

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