Links 11/12/20

Links for you. Science:

Blood test can detect presence of deadly superbugs in less than one hour (this is good, but it also means we’ll have to do more sentinel surveillance where bacteria are cultured)
Coronavirus Cases Soar Across [D.C.] Region As Public Health Experts Warn Against Pandemic Fatigue
Big news from Pfizer, with apparent high efficacy (>90%) based on 94 confirmed COVID-19 cases at their interim analysis.
Understanding COVID-19 vaccine efficacy
The Super Cold Covid Vaccine Distribution Problem


We Don’t Have to Live in Mitch McConnell’s World. But Biden has to actively assert his power as chief executive, in this case over Cabinet appointments. (“If, by 2024, the Democratic Party’s only argument for re-election is “well, we tried to make a few tweaks to Obamacare, but darn it, McConnell behaved in exactly the way everyone already knew he would,” this country is doomed to fascism.”)
Kasich Didn’t Even Deliver Ohio. Why Should Biden Take His Advice?
Quick Comments on the Biden-Harris Covid Plan: Not Much Sizzle and No Steak (disappointing, but mostly correct)
Cityscapes by Milwaukee painter Joseph Friebert
Postal worker admits fabricating allegations of ballot tampering, officials say
After 2020, we face an existential struggle: What does it mean to be an American? Trump voters can’t bring back America’s past — but they’d rather destroy the nation than embrace its future
Why Didn’t America’s Worst President Lose in a Landslide? Chalk it up to lack of policies camouflaged by lies and backed up by right-wing news outlets that spread propaganda. (like the previous link, this is part of the explanation)
Magary: Maggie Haberman and the New York Times will never get over themselves
How Christina Henderson won a D.C. Council seat: Outreach to women, moderate police views and a positive campaign
Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore: What Donald Trump understands about politics today
With North Dakota hospitals at 100% capacity, Burgum announces COVID-positive nurses can stay at work
Yell Loudly
‘My faith is shaken’: The QAnon conspiracy theory faces a post-Trump identity crisis
President Trump’s defeat and the week-long disappearance of its anonymous prophet have forced supporters of the baseless movement to rethink their beliefs: ‘Have we all been conned?’
Alexander Hamilton, Enslaver? New Research Says Yes
These Towns Trusted a Doctor to Set Up Covid Testing. Sample Patient Fee: $1,944.
McLean Downtown Draft Plan Aims to Tempt Developers While Creating a Sense of Community
Why Biden’s national mask mandate will be a national mask suggestion
Can Joe Biden avoid Obama’s mistakes? He must – for the future of the party
Going against the decluttering craze: The book hoarders who defy Marie Kondo
Some Say It’s Time For Ranked-Choice Voting After A Crowded D.C. Council Race

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