The Mad Biologist’s Year of Posts

In no particular order, here are some posts that either were popular or that I think are worth revisiting. As you can imagine, they’re COVID-19 heavy:

Prosecute Those Around Trump

The Think Tank Gap Really Hurt Our COVID-19 Response (this was the original sin of the COVID-19 public policy response)

Yes, Trump Has a Plan to Deal with COVID-19 (borne out to be correct, unfortunately)

COVID-19: What the Administration Knows and What They’re Telling Us

COVID-19, Gyms, and Oslo: The Power of Rarity

It’s Time for Republicans to “Reach Out” and Begin “Healing the Nation” (at some point, Republicans will have to stumble back towards something resembling sanity)

Policing, Police States, and a Failure of Governance (Democrats need to govern better)

Austerioeroticism and COVID-19 Are Not a Good Combination

Three Thousand COVID-19 Deaths Per Day–Mostly Preventable–Is Not Normal (it’s now normal…)

It’s 2020, and Democrats Still Don’t Understand Their Voters

Misunderstanding Flattening the Curve

A Typical Day in the Mainland Colony Known as the District of Columbia

The NY Times Endorsement and the Hilariousness of Elite Mediocrities (the Democratic Party consists of two very distinct parties)

Open Offices and Cubicle Farms in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID Conundrum Facing Local and State Governments

Losing ‘Your’ America When You’re an 87 Year-Old Senator

Will There Ever Be Specifics in Political Journalism or Reverse Cletus Safaris?

New Myxococcus Species: Myxococcus WTF?

Apps, Corruption, and Lovable Losers

A Neglected Point about COVID-19 Testing

Defund the Police? Well, We’ve Defunded Everything Else

We’re Switching to Prevalence. Now We Just Need to Get It Right.

Joy in the District

My Election Night HAWT TAEK

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