Three Thousand COVID-19 Deaths Per Day–Mostly Preventable–Is Not Normal

Nor should it ever be.

Monday, news broke that a draft CDC report estimates that the U.S. will have 3,000 COVID-19 deaths every day by June. Yesterday, the U.S. had ‘only’ 1,015 COVID-19 deaths.

By contrast, scaled by population, South Korea, which identified its first known case on the same day the U.S. did, had around 15 COVID-19 deaths. That, not some stupid model Kevin Fucking Hassett pulled out of his ass, is the benchmark we should be using.

We should never become used to 1,000 COVID-19 deaths every day, never mind 3,000. And South Korea shows that this American Carnage was completely avoidable.

On a political note, ask yourself this: at some point, we will develop therapeutics or a vaccine. Do we want Trump and his Republican enablers to control their distribution? After all, they played–and are still playing–shenanigans with protective equipment and ventilators.

Come November, vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

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2 Responses to Three Thousand COVID-19 Deaths Per Day–Mostly Preventable–Is Not Normal

  1. M. Makuye says:

    THE US daily deaths have been above that most days.
    Yesterday’s was more like 2,129, about mean (average to those who use the vaguer “average” word. Median and mode are two other ways of defining an average, but mean is what you usually mean) for the past month or so.
    You can find a good daily death graph at There are several available, this one sourced at Johns Hopkins. 1900 or so was the common count until a month ago, and took a few bumps, mostly higher since.

    Hopefully some valets and others coughed sufficiently copiously @ 1600 PA Ave recently. Symptoms take a week, sometimes more, to show after initial infection.

    Generally it should be a mess after fall school occurs, as increased transmission occurs in the young, even though increased severity occurs inn the smoking-compromised (hypertension is #1 comorbidity for serious cases & death with cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes (type 2), compromised livers (drink & share needles, or just too many recreational drugs batted, swatted, swilled down, and you’ll be Hep to that, as old slang thine has it).
    More old slang covids those who are insufficently taking the disease to heart: “23 skidoo, Small Change”, with emphasis on the last two prescriptive words . . .

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