Links 9/9/20

Links for you. Science:

Scientists develop new compound which kills both types of antibiotic resistant superbugs (very early days…)
Women like Mulan didn’t need to go to war in disguise
A Turtle With a Permanent Smile Was Brought Back From Near Extinction
Big manta rays found ‘right under our nose’ off Florida beaches
Italy’s Bergamo is calling back coronavirus survivors. About half say they haven’t fully recovered. (previously hospitalized patients)


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Understands Democracy Better Than Republicans Do. The idea that proponents of greater electoral equity have to quiet down because we live in a ‘republic’ is absurd.
If I were Joe Biden’s digital director (Marshall played a significant role in turning Northern Virginia blue; listen to her)
What David Graeber Noticed
Let’s stop pretending we love our jobs
Senate Report Shows What Mueller Missed About Trump and Russia: The final Senate report provides damning evidence of the counterintelligence threat posed by Russia in Trump’s 2016 campaign.
I Study Corporate Welfare. Even I Was Shocked by This Cronyism.
Enduring the Bureaucracy
A Most Violent Platform
The 2020 Election, a Race in Which Everything Happens and Nothing Matters
Here Are Your Thugs and Anarchists
How Trump And COVID-19 Have Reshaped The Modern Militia Movement
The first week of virtual schooling is done. How did D.C. do?
God Help Us If Joe Biden’s Platform Turns Out to Be All Talk. The Democratic nominee can only save the republic if he follows through in redistributing power and resources in our society.
Zoom is failing teachers. Here’s how they would redesign it
College Leaders Should Have Seen This Coming. What did they think was going to happen? (why assume incompetence and not malevolence?)
Spokane Protester: I Was Abducted By Unidentified Officers, Put In Unmarked Van
U.S. Attorney Hedges His Criticism of MPD Arrests
John Thompson Jr. Represented D.C. to the Fullest
Virginia House Passes Bill To Strip Police Of Qualified Immunity
A Weapon for Extortion Long Ignored in Alabama Prisons: Cellphones

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