Now We Must Assume Malevolence, Not Incompetence

A theme I used to tap on this crappy little blog was how local conservative politicians, who are less polished, are the ones who let you know what they’re really thinking.

Recently, North Paulding High School in Georgia made the news after suspending several students who exposed how their school was not taking any precautions against COVID-19: the school announced Sunday evening that it would shut down for two days after at least nine students and staff tested positive. But footage from a meeting of the Paulding County Board of Education is chilling.

In the footage, one Board member suggested students change seats every fourteen minutes to circumvent a Georgia Department of Health requirement that schools classify anyone who has been within six feet of someone infected with COVID-19 for at least fifteen minutes as a close contact.

This endangers students, staff, and teachers, since the notion that exposure for fourteen minutes is ‘safe’, but that extra minute now makes the situation dangerous is absurd. The virus isn’t sitting there with a timer, waiting for the fifteen-minute mark so it can pounce.

This a de facto admission that the situation is potentially dangerous, but the board member was trying to cover up any potential illnesses, even at the risk of spreading the disease further.

Malevolence, not incompetence.

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5 Responses to Now We Must Assume Malevolence, Not Incompetence

  1. Brea Plum says:

    Making people change seats every 13 minutes is not malevolence, it’s a stupid person who thinks they are clever.

  2. Joe Shelby says:

    Goodhart’s Law in action – especially if expressed in Jon Danielsson’s terms: Any statistical relationship will break down when used for policy purposes.

  3. savannah49 says:

    Nothing happening in Georgia surprises me anymore which is why I moved back to L.A.!

  4. Bern says:

    …and school boards…yeah, they draw the right sort of brains…

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