Links 8/13/20

Links for you. Science:

The Unrecognized Threat of Secondary Bacterial Infections with COVID-19
Exposure to a COVID-19 carrier: transmission trends in respiratory tract and estimation of infectious dose
This giant climate hot spot is robbing the West of its water
Work on hydroxychloroquine delayed promising studies of convalescent plasma
The distribution of plasmid fitness effects explains plasmid persistence in bacterial communities


College Democrat Chats Reveal Year-Old Plan to Engineer and Leak Alex Morse Accusations. “This will sink his campaign,” predicted a College Democrat leader hoping to work for Rep. Richard Neal. (James O’Keefe level ratfucking. Shameful.)
A Historian of Economic Crisis on the World After COVID-19 (excellent)
Incremental Change Is a Moral Failure: Mere reform won’t fix policing.
When Henry Wallace Warned of ‘American Fascism’
What Twitter tells us about human nature
Health directors told to keep quiet as Florida leaders pressed to reopen classrooms
Fauci’s daughters live all over the U.S. Due to death threats, he’s hired security for all of them
What’s wrong with the mail: As November nears, the Postal Service is facing a crisis that could interfere with the election.
Prince George’s County Is Limiting Free COVID-19 Tests (a significant fraction of D.C. government workers live in Prince George’s County. This is not good.)
Trump’s tweets about saving the “Suburban Lifestyle Dream,” explained: White identity politics trump free market regulatory reform.
Postal Service overhauls leadership as Democrats press for investigation of mail delays
As Transit Systems Brace For Cuts, the Last Recession Is a Warning
Here’s How to Crush the Virus Until Vaccines Arrive (unclear how long the very hard lockdown would be expected to last though)
DNC Delegates Call Biden Foreign Policy Team ‘A Horror Show’ And Ask For New Hires (this is where the NeverTrumpers are going to do damage)
Rapid paper-strip tests could help control COVID-19 this fall
Massive superspreader COVID-19 event in South Dakota now underway
Susan Rice Has A Mysterious Gap In Her Resume
D.C. pays millions to place the homeless in hotels to avoid covid-19. But many rooms are empty. And others need them.
The Deaths of 150,000 Americans Are on Trump’s Hands (it is mass murder)
A new app offers Virginians the chance to show the country how to contain coronavirus cases. Will they blow it? (this is what happens when governance–in this case privatized governance–is shitty)
Homeland Security Is Quietly Tying Antifa to Foreign Powers (our intelligence agencies are simultaneously ninnies and stupid; Biden,if he wins, better reverse this)
With his camera, Gordon Parks humanized the Black people others saw as simply criminals

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