Links 8/10/20

Links for you. Science:

“Zombie cicadas” infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia
Statement from Yale Faculty on Hydroxychloroquine and its Use in COVID-19
I Was Wrong: We Can’t Skip Phase 3 Vaccine Trials
Masks Do More Than Protect Others During COVID-19: Reducing the Inoculum of SARS-CoV-2 to Protect the Wearer
A Viral Epidemic Splintering Into Deadly Pieces


Trump actually doesn’t appear to understand how bad the pandemic is
How the coronavirus pandemic helped the Floyd protests become the biggest in U.S. history (wondered about this; also easier for people working at home to attend too)
I am begging’: New Jersey judge pleads for more privacy protection when son shot, killed at home
If districts defy mandate on 50% in-person learning, Iowa governor says students won’t get credit
Trump’s Interview With Axios’s Jonathan Swan Was Frost/Nixon Mixed With Spinal Tap
The Schools
Mary Trump has a stark warning about the political ambitions of Ivanka and Don Jr – and the possibility of a Trump dynasty
Some Members Of Congress And Staffers Aren’t Wearing Masks. That’s Worrying To Their Capitol Hill Neighbors
What helped Ed Yong write the sentence of the year? Make that the semicolon! It’s a maligned mark in the journalism world but it enabled the Atlantic reporter to build a breathtaking 212-word sentence.
DC’s Luxury Apartment Market Is Really Feeling the Effects of Covid-19
Blumenthal Tweets an Ominous Message – Time for a Leak
‘The kids will forget’: Custodians, housekeepers and other support staff brace for college reopenings
Washington Going Full Andrew Mellon as Stimulus Talks Drag, Inadequate Support Guaranteed
Maryland And Virginia Join A Six-State COVID-19 Testing Agreement
Preserve Our Post Office, Before It’s Too Late
Trump’s Unreality Forcefield: A new interview makes clear that the president is unwilling or unable to understand the threat of the pandemic. (narcissists gonna narcissist)
Democrats warn GOP: Don’t fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2020 or we’ll retaliate (Democrats should do that anyway)
The Theological Roots of White Supremacy
Can we stop telling the ‘corona kids’ how little they are learning?
Thousands of Texans are getting rapid-result COVID tests. The state isn’t counting them.
Teachers Aren’t Sacrificial Lambs. No Essential Worker Is.

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