Links 4/24/20

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus destroys lungs. But doctors are finding its damage in kidneys, hearts and elsewhere.
Coronavirus Vaccine Prospects (also see this)
Superfund, Meet Super Plants
The Mysterious Demise of Freshwater Mussels
Has mystery of why benzene forms in cherry-flavoured soft drinks been solved?


Apple Aims to Sell Macs With Its Own Chips Starting in 2021
Inside America’s unending testing snafu
My Mother Is Busy Getting Ready to Die
Conventional Wisdom Has Been Cancelled
New HHS spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in now-deleted tweets
Allow This New York Hero To Explain In Expletive-Laden Terms What the Feds Must Do
Researchers warned there were 1,000s of cases of COVID-19 in U.S. by February, but no one listened
The Evidence This Administration* Is Playing Patronage Games With Medical Supplies Is Growing
Republicans rail against ‘Blue State Bailouts’ while Red America bleeds the country dry
Everyone is in denial about November
Joining up the dots shows the true depths of Trump’s dangerous narcissistic pathology
Opening up the economy won’t save the economy
Trump doesn’t want coronavirus testing: His instinct is always to hide the truth
Trump and Fox News want to send their hydroxychloroquine hype down the memory hole
Trump loves to create chaos. But it can come back to bite him.
Why Trump’s Coronavirus Optimism Isn’t Working: When FDR projected optimism in the depths of the Great Depression, it was based on candor and competence. Trump is trying to mimic it, but his own lies undermine him.
CNN Says A ‘City Councilman’ Defied Stay-At-Home Order At A Georgetown Dinner Party
The months of magical thinking: As the coronavirus swept over China, some experts were in denial
The New Order: Food critic Tom Sietsema on what we lose when restaurants close
There Are Not Enough COVID-19 Tests. There Are Also Too Many COVID-19 Tests.

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