Links 3/7/20

Links for you. Science:

Biotech company Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is ready for first tests
Antibiotic resistance genes from livestock waste: occurrence, dissemination, and treatment
New York Is Making Its Own Coronavirus Test After The CDC’s Test Has Repeatedly Failed (good discussion of what might have gone wrong with the PCR test–Buzzfeed does really good investigate scientific reporting, better than most mainstream outlets)
Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)–pdf
Preliminary case report on the SARS-CoV-2 cluster in the UK, France, and Spain


How Insulin Became the Poster Child for Medicare for All
TV debates don’t work — bring back the League of Women Voters
Bernie’s Outsider on the Inside
Will the Democratic Establishment Destroy the Party to Stop Sanders?
Get ready for the anti-Sanders media avalanche
Why Is Bernie So Far Ahead in the California Primary? Organizing.
Ignorance is not bliss for the safety of D.C. bicyclists and pedestrians
Sanders Is Not Another McGovern. I Know – I Worked on McGovern’s Campaign.
The one way Sanders is the new Trump
Mike Pence Is Still to Blame for an HIV Outbreak in Indiana—but for New Reasons
Barbara Ehrenreich on Her Endorsement of Bernie Sanders and Why Socialism Should Be Fun
How coronavirus has deeply flummoxed conservative media
Someone Built a Distraction-Free Cellphone With a Working Old-School Rotary Dial
Warren’s Increasingly Desperate Health Care Messaging (his take on what Warren did wrong is brutal, but accurate–note I have supported Warren’s campaigns since her first senate exploratory committee and canvassed for her first Senate campaign, but he’s not wrong)
Does Trump Know Senate Republicans Can’t Make the Coronavirus Go Away?
Comparing Warren’s and Sanders’s Child Care Proposals
With coronavirus, Trump’s lies and his reassurances backfire (I made this point three years ago)
Why Trump can’t console us about the coronavirus
When the Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg
A paranoid militia infiltrating Texas police is bent on rebellion, ‘ready to rise up’
Bracing for coronavirus, cash-strapped rural hospitals buy masks from hardware stores

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