Lies When You Have A Crisis

Yesterday, Trump’s spokescritter, Sean Spicer, uttered the following:

Many have noted how the White House press corps normalized Trump’s flat-out dishonesty by laughing with Spicer (hopefully, a few were laughing at Spicer). Let’s leave aside the political press corps’ ongoing dyfunction–you didn’t think they would suddenly become serious defenders of liberty and integrity, when, day in and day out, they are nothing more than one part shitty theater critic and one part half-assed political strategist, did you?

What happens in a crisis where people need to trust Il Trumpe? Suppose a nasty strain of influenza were to hit or some other immediate public health crisis were to occur?* If he says, you need to do X, will people trust him? While politicians have always stretched the truth, Trump’s lies are constant and ongoing. How could we possibly believe what he is saying? In fact, so far, a very good guide has been to assume the opposite of what he says.

Keep in mind, that for many readers, Trump might appear to be in a crisis, but that’s of his own doing–they do seem to trip over their dicks quite frequently. It’s relatively easy–or at least possible–to manage crises of your own making. But when faced with an external crisis, one where enough of us need to trust him and his statements, how can we possibly believe a damn word he would say?

In pubic health, as with many other areas, trust is critical. Trump, at this point, should have none.

*As opposed to the ongoing opiate crisis, which the Republican healthcare plan will only make worse.

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