Links 3/10/17

Links for you. Science:

Obamacare repeal and Trump’s spending plan put CDC budget in peril
Space Exploration Isn’t Just About Science
MinION Leviathan Reads: An Update
Neanderthal Dental Plaque Shows What a Paleo Diet Really Looks Like
Years of Ethics Charges, but Star Cancer Researcher Gets a Pass


An open letter to America’s coal miners, and to America (excellent)
D.C. Council Is Marking The 40th Anniversary Of The Hanafi Siege
What’s in a name? For DC’s West End, more than you might think.
Gothamist Deleted Negative Coverage of Its New Owner
Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free
They’re calling it “DeepStateGate”
The Republicans Did This to Themselves (yes they did)
Why Doesn’t American Health Care Help Us Live Longer?
How the Republican health care debacle is making everyone’s values clear (let them eat iPhones)
Don’t Roll Back the Vehicle Fuel Standards
To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security
Say It With Me Again: James Comey Elected Donald Trump President (though this should have been considered in all of those discussions about ‘electability’)
The world of ‘Logan’ isn’t a dystopia. We’re already living in it.
The Secret Jewish History Of The Civil War
Finally, Democrats Have A Pro Wrestler In Their Corner
D.C. Statehood Bill Introduced On Capitol Hill Despite Long Odds
Republicans want a world where every American has to juggle a 401k/IRA, HSA, 529, and (if you’re Trump) a childcare savings account
GOP split on whether paid protesters are to blame for rowdy town halls (old, but let’s not let this go down the memory hole)

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  1. DMC says:

    Re: James comey Elected Trump: There are 5000 counties in the US. Hillary carried 50, Trump the other 4950. “It was the Russians! It was Comey! It was the Deplorables!” or maybe she just ran a really crap campaign against the most beatable candidate since Aaron Burr.

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