Links 3/4/20

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus vaccines are far off, FDA official says, but drugs to treat patients could come sooner
As U.S. Preps For Coronavirus, Health Workers Question Safety Measures
The Coronavirus Could Finally Kill the Wild Animal Trade
A critical question in getting a handle on coronavirus: What role do kids play in spreading it?
COVID-19 case fatality ratios from China by age.


Ugly pro-Trump ad weaponizes audio of Obama, showing what’s coming (they will run against Democrats from the left in order to depress turnout)
How to be a Democrat, according to Republicans (funny and informative)
An estimated 17,000 children are homeless in Los Angeles school district: “I wish we could have a house”
Boris Johnson, Not Donald Trump, Is the Real Blue-Collar Conservative (dunno?)
MSNBC just destroyed what was left of his kindness (MSNBC brain is nearly as bad as Fox News)
After D.C. Extended Paid Sick Leave To Tipped Workers, Cases Of The Flu Dropped By 5 Percent (from 2016, but worth reviewing)
Can You Provide A Means of Payment
To Cut Emissions, D.C. Should Electrify Rideshare Cars And Charge Drivers Downtown, Report Says
Coronavirus Collateral Damage: How a Case in Korea Hit a Small Business in the US
District seeks to ban ‘ghost gun’ kits as seizures of homemade weapons soar
How To Keep That Gong Alive
New coronavirus revelations make Trump’s ‘deep state’ rage look worse
In the Trump Era, Practicing Immigration Law is Like ‘Swimming in Molasses’
Informative Transgressions
The Case for Elizabeth Warren
If We Don’t Reform the Supreme Court, Nothing Else Will Matter
Amy Klobuchar Has Been Weirdly Quiet About A Massive Mining Controversy In Her Home State
Interesting case study of the radicalization of a moderate, seemingly reasonable Democrat into a Bernie-hating red-baiting fear mongerer.
Understanding Sanders (by the former chief economist of the World Bank; pretty much what I’ve said here)
U.S. Sanctions Hamper Iran’s Battle to Contain Coronavirus
BJP General Secretary Threatens Bernie Sanders With US Election Interference: BJP’s BL Santhosh responded to Sanders’ condemnation of Donald Trump’s response to the violence in Delhi.

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