Links 2/4/20

Links for you. Science:

What to do when you don’t trust your data anymore
Acclaimed Harvard Scientist Is Arrested, Accused Of Lying About Ties To China
Scientists Managed to Find Marine Animals that Weren’t Contaminated by Plastic
UF entomologists release thrips to curb invasive Brazilian peppertree
How to Avoid the Coronavirus? Wash Your Hands


What Democrats must do when impeachment is over (excellent)
Democratic Hawks Declare War on Bernie Sanders: Maybe they’ll win one for a change. (important)
Who’s Afraid of New Apartments?
Jewish woman who says Tiffany Harris assaulted her says attacker needs help, not bail
How to Misinform Yourself About the Coronavirus
It wasn’t just the National Archives. The Library of Congress also balked at a Women’s March photo.
Our expectations for Republican senators are so low it’s astonishing
If Trump is Acquitted, the House Democrats Should Press Ahead
Berlin Freezes Rents for 5 Years in a Bid to Slow Gentrification
As a 28-Year-Old Latino, I’m Shocked My New Novel, Memoirs of a Middle-Aged White Lady, Has Been So Poorly Received
Albatrosses used as flying spies to detect illegal fishing boats (I think illegal fishermen will have no qualms about shooting these awesome birds however)
Fox News and Trump’s defense team: Twin arms of the same propaganda outfit
Lobbyist bought tropical land from Biden’s brother
The great wooden synagogues of the shtetls were probably the greatest ever architectural expression of Yiddish culture. All lost in the Holocaust.
Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?
Coronavirus has sparked racist attacks on Asians in Australia — including me
Hands Off ‘Zayde’ Bernie!
The Atlantic made Rahm Emanuel a contributing editor. Then, suddenly, he wasn’t.
The Electability Argument Is Really About Party Unity: Moderate Democrats need to pledge to vote for the party nominee, even if it is Warren or Sanders.

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  1. hipparchia says:

    Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?

    a union made up largely of immigrant workers, living in a country that has elected Donald trump as its president — gee, why wouldn’t they want a government-run health insurance program? /s

    also, I found this to be an enlightening tome on unions in general, and syndicalism in particular. various anarchist, syndicalist, and anarchosyndicalist factions of the various labor unions opposed government meddling of any kind (minimum wage laws, medicare-for-all type insurance, etc) in labor issues.

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