Trump Is Bad for Your Health

At least if you’re a fetus in a Latina in the U.S. (boldface mine):

Design, Setting, and Participants In this national population-based study, an interrupted time series design, used to evaluate whether policies or other population-level changes interrupt a trend in an outcome, compared monthly counts of preterm births to Latina women after the 2016 presidential election with the number expected had the election not taken place. Women residing in the United States who had singleton births during the study period were included. Counts of singleton term and preterm births by month and race/ethnicity from January 1, 2009, through July 30, 2017 (32 860 727 live births), were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wonder online database. These methods were applied separately to male and female births. Data were analyzed from November 8, 2018, through May 7, 2019.

Exposures Pregnancy in the 2016 US presidential election.

Main Outcomes and Measures The number of male and female preterm births based on the last menstrual period.

Results Among the 32 860 727 live births recorded during the study period, 11.0% of male and 9.6% of female births to Latina women were preterm compared with 10.2% and 9.3%, respectively, to other women. In the 9-month period beginning with November 2016, an additional 1342 male (95% CI, 795-1889) and 995 female (95% CI, 554-1436) preterm births to Latina women were found above the expected number of preterm births had the election not occurred.

Conclusions and Relevance The 2016 US presidential election appears to have been associated with an increase in preterm births among US Latina women. Anti-immigration policies have been proposed and enforced in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election; future research should evaluate the association of these actions with population health.

While this is a very specific example, I can’t help but think that Trump leaving office will be good for our health, mental and physical, as well as our productivity. I am fairly certain that, if he loses in 2020, a lot of people will take off one or more of the days following Election Day if they can. He’s just so exhausting*–which, mind you, is far better than pre-term birth–but the non-stop drama is getting old. It was made worse by professional Democrats’ unwillingness (until the last two weeks) to fight Trump. The belief, or perhaps hope, he can be stopped really does make a difference in many people’s well-being.

*Narcissists suck all the oxygen out of a situation, even if they don’t do any damage, and our Narcissist in Chief sucks hard.

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