It’s the Emoluments, Stupid

Last week, Democrats finally decided to get serious about investigating Trump and have focused on… the possibly (ok, probably) illegal payments to Stormy Daniels (for those who don’t remember, these were to keep her quiet about having sex with Il Trumpe).

Are Democrats focusing on the corruption from the non-stop violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution? Nope. It’s stupid because nobody cares: everyone knows he had sex with her, and everyone knows he paid her off. Nobody is going to outraged because he did it from the wrong account. At this point, disgust towards Trump and his sexual affairs is baked in. But professional Democrats are the worst politicians in recorded history–and I’m including Boris Johnson in that assessment (boldface mine):

Democrats have decided their best shot at bringing President Trump down is to focus on his sex life.

Yes, they really are that dumb…

Democrats are right to reach for low-hanging fruit — Al Capone didn’t go to prison for rum-running, after all, but for tax evasion. And Trump really does appear to have committed an election law crime by orchestrating payments to these women — one hesitates to call them “former lovers” — and he, like his disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen, should pay a penalty for doing so….

Here are at least three better reasons to impeach Trump:

      His flagrant disregard for the Constitution, exemplified most apparently in his decision to spend federal money on his border wall with Mexico, despite Congress’ unwillingness to appropriate those funds. Under the Constitution, Congress, not the president, decides how money is spent. Instead of asserting its prerogatives through impeachment — or by clawing back the emergency power the president uses to justify his actions — Congress has decided to hope the courts will push back. This is arguably the most important transgression Trump has committed as president, the one that could have the longest-lasting consequences for our democratic order, but Democrats have decided to instead focus their energies elsewhere.
      His obvious efforts to obstruct former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between Russians and his 2016 presidential campaign. Mueller made it pretty clear, in his report and in his testimony to Congress, that Trump acquiesced to the corruption of the American electoral process, then sandbagged the officials charged with getting at the truth of the matter. As I said in April: If that’s not a high crimes or misdemeanors, then nothing is.
      His ongoing efforts at petty corruption. It is clear the president has used his office to try and fill the coffers of his private business, the Trump Organization — the most recent example being his decision to hold next year’s G7 summit at his Trump National Doral golf resort near Miami. As my colleague Ryan Cooper wrote last week, “This is part of a pattern — Trump hasn’t just proposed stuffing huge sacks of cash from foreign states and the U.S. government into his own pockets, he’s actually done it. This profiteering off the presidency is the simplest reason he should be impeached immediately. He is violating the Constitution and picking the pockets of the American people to enrich himself.

The galling truth is that Democrats have tiptoed around the idea of impeachment for more than two years because they feared repeating the GOP disaster of the late 1990s, when that party was punished by voters after impeaching Bill Clinton over his sex life. Now, they’ve decided to take the path they said they most feared. This does not make sense.

It’s the emoluments, baby. And once that can of worms is opened, it goes all the way down. Trump is a bagman–and being viewed as a bagman, a money launderer, and as an embezzler would damage his reputation far more than any sex scandal. If Warren or Sanders are the nominee, they can beat on him mercilessly about his corruption–and amplify their own political messages.

Unfortunately, rank-and-file Democratic voters won’t be able to save the professionals from their own stupidity.

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  1. If they’re that stupid, they ought to go. & they will go.

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