Links 9/7/19

Links for you. Science:

The Amazon Cannot Be Recovered Once It’s Gone
Global 5G wireless networks threaten weather forecasts
Use ancient remains more wisely
Federal rules threaten to discourage undocumented immigrants from vaccinating children
Environmentalists filmed Iran’s vanishing cheetahs. Now they could be executed for spying.


The Sunset of Neoliberalism (must-read)
‘knowing that some of my friends would dislike it’ (excellent)
GOP House hypocrite is suddenly grateful for the health care he tried to take away from millions
A ‘Liberal Sweatshop’ Is Quashing Its Workers’ Efforts To Unionize
No justice for a 12-year-old DC girl who died by suicide (be better than this AG Racine)
I Called Bret Stephens a Bedbug. Then He Tried to Squelch My Freedom of Speech. What a Day.
The State of the Music Industry
How Black Pepper Won Europe From a Better Pepper
This Professor Compared a Columnist to a Bedbug. Then the Columnist Contacted the Provost.
Joe Biden’s frontrunner status is a media-driven mirage
Aaron Burr — villain of ‘Hamilton’ — had a secret family of color, new research shows
Patients face higher fees and longer waits after Planned Parenthood quits federal program
11 Problems Facing Students as They Return to School
The Walking Dead: In New York and London, pedestrian fatalities have plummeted. In Toronto, six people are hit by a car every day, and the death rates are climbing. We know how to fix it. So why don’t we?
Gamergate comes to the classroom
Greenland’s message for Trump and Denmark: Stop treating us like chattel
A Q&A With the Man Who Called Bret Stephens a Bedbug
Transit wins in Phoenix
Does Schumer Get To Decide For Colorado Democrats Who Their Nominee For Senate Is?
The idea that proponents of greater electoral equity have to quiet down because we live in a ‘republic’ is absurd.
Exposing McConnell’s Corruption In Kentucky
It’s Time to Indict Aung San Suu Kyi for Genocide Against the Rohingya in Myanmar
Gabriel’s revolt: In 1800, he was savvy, armed and determined to end slavery in Virginia’s capital

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** It’s Time to Indict Aung San Suu Kyi for Genocide Against the Rohingya in Myanmar ***
    The author isn’t anyone I’d trust. Though nominally an anti-war type, he has been enthusiastic for the destruction of Syria. Hasan works for the neocon billionaire Pierre Omidyar, a fellow who was enlisted to suppress the US portion of the Snowden document releases. From the link:

    ^^^ Two years on, as Rohingya refugees languish in squalid camps across the border in Bangladesh, it is difficult to overstate the sheer barbarism they have had to endure. The U.S. State Department has called it “ethnic cleansing,” with Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom, describing the violence against the Rohingya “as bad as or worse than any other I have personally seen — including as one of the first U.S. officials to visit Darfur in 2004.” ^^^
    The US State Department professes to be horrified by ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, yet cannot see any at all in the Apartheid State. Sam Brownback is one of Trump’s scum-level appointees. I don’t know much about what’s going on in Southeast Asia, but I’m pretty sure Hasan isn’t the guy to provide an unbiased view. An article which I did find informative was this one:
    Just guessing now, but I’d say the Intercept is working to help destabilize China by cheering on chaos on a Southern border.

    *** Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Understands Democracy Better Than Republicans Do ***
    The Neocon York Times seems to be on a jihad to dump the Electoral College. (never mind that the constitutional amendment this would require ain’t very likely) Looks as if we’re going to see a battle with the chosen weapons being highly selected and truncated quotes from the Infallible Founders. On the other side will be types like the “New American”, “a conservative print magazine published twice a month by American Opinion Publishing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the John Birch Society (JBS), a far-right organization.” Making a lot of noise about this abstraction will serve to distract the peasants from other issues, and this ought to make both the DNC and RNC happy.

    *** Gamergate comes to the classroom ***
    ^^^ On a hunch, Ruberg asked their TAs for a head count. The final number? Eleven extra bodies. The intruders had made that part easy, at least. They took the day’s pop quiz under fake names along with everyone else. Ruberg’s experience was unnerving for many reasons, but above all, one thing was clear: this was a coordinated effort. ^^^
    Who is doing the “coordinating”?

    *** The Walking Dead: In New York and London, pedestrian fatalities … ***
    I had to stop reading this one midway through because I found myself getting too upset. I say pass reasonable speed laws and enforce them. Put HONEST red-light cameras up at each intersection and throw the book at the people who disregard those red lights. And stop the slap-on-the-wrist punishments.

    *** 11 Problems Facing Students as They Return to School ***
    Excellent, and I’m giving the site a trial run in Bookmarks. I’d add one additional problem which I personally believe has been going on for over a century. The methods used to teach Reading very often result in the students hating reading. Rigid techniques humiliate elementary students when they make a mistake, and some never see the need to ever do any more than the minimum to survive in modern society. My youngest grandfather was literate and not at all stupid, but I ever once saw the man with a book or magazine or newspaper in his hands. The same is true for way too many others I’ve known.

    *** How Black Pepper Won Europe From a Better Pepper ***
    I’ve never tasted “long pepper”, and until seeing the link I’d never heard of it. In the piece I saw the same sort of hype put out by wine snobs, and I’d like to have some blind taste tests done to shed light on the situation.

    *** The Sunset of Neoliberalism ***
    I’ll confess I couldn’t get a good handle on most of what this author was talking about. One section which did seem clear was towards the end:

    Foremost among these is the abject debacle of US machinations in Iraq (and Libya, if you’re paying attention). These arguably contributed to caution on the part of the Obama Administration with respect to Iran and Syria. ….

    Among Democratic candidates, support for Obama’s Iran agreement is universal. ^^^

    Obama was “cautious” in Syria? BS! Ditto for his behavior in Iraq. Cynical bloggers at the time wrote that the object of the Iran Agreement was to stall on that front until the destruction of Syria was complete. Presumably this would involve the Turks getting the North, the Apartheid the South, ISIS holding the middle, and Assad holding a tiny rump on the west coast. THEN they’d arrange for somebody to “pull a Trump” and ditch the Iran agreement. Democrats did what they were told, just as they always do in any matters involving anything the pissant state desires.

    *** Environmentalists filmed Iran’s vanishing cheetahs. Now they could be executed for spying. ***
    My money is on the proposition the Revolutionary Guards are behaving very badly in arresting and then prosecuting/murdering some researchers. But how do you suppose they came to have that excessive paranoia? One example:
    ^^^ Thomas Anthony Dooley III (January 17, 1927 – January 18, 1961) was an American physician who worked in Southeast Asia at the outset of American involvement in the Vietnam War. While serving as a physician in the United States Navy and afterwards, he became celebrated for his humanitarian and anti-communist political activities up until his early death from cancer. After his death, the public learned that he had been recruited as an intelligence operative by the Central Intelligence Agency, and numerous descriptions of atrocities by the Viet Minh in his book Deliver Us From Evil had been fabricated.

    Dooley has been called “a key agent in the first disinformation campaign of the Vietnam War,” garnering support for the US government’s growing involvement there. ^^^

    *** Global 5G wireless networks threaten weather forecasts ***
    This appears to be a serious problem with 5G. I’m of the opinion it’s not the last such major issue that’s going to surface.

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