Links 6/6/19

Links for you. Science:

GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes, study suggests
‘The Nation’s T. rex’: How a Montana mom’s hike led to an incredible discovery
As a kid, Matthew Carrano was obsessed with dinosaurs. Now he’s one of the world’s experts.
In the Great Marsh and other coastal wetlands, climate change is harming delicate ecosystems
Fighting the Gender Stereotypes That Warp Biomedical Research


The House Is Right to Move Toward an Impeachment Inquiry
How Democrats Should Respond to the GOP’s Red-Baiting
Dick’s Sporting Goods overhauled its gun policies after Parkland. The CEO didn’t stop there.
The Call Is Coming from Inside the House
Why Call it “Socialism”? (made this point a while ago here)
Apply Directly to the Forehead
Unpopular Content
Quit the posturing in the Banneker-Shaw school dispute
How a resort weekend for judges made courts more conservative
‘Why haven’t you gotten rid of him yet?’: Democrats get a look at the down side of not impeaching
Biden Will Run on Fear. Trump Will Run on Hope.
Why Democratic Presidential Candidates May Have to Choose Between Teacher Pay Raises and Charter Schools
Why Hollywood isn’t actually in a rush to leave Georgia
Don’t let Fox gaslight you over Laura Ingraham’s defense of Paul Nehlen
The Dirty, Filthy, Disgusting I Word
Fan Hui: What I learned from losing to DeepMind’s AlphaGo
Racial prejudice has declined as a reaction to Trump’s presidency, a new study suggests
If Warren and Sanders want to beat Biden, one of them will need to drop out
Laura Ingraham promoted a white supremacist on her show. At least one advertiser is pulling out.

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