Links 11/15/18

Links for you. Science:

In Congo’s Ebola Outbreak, Experimental Treatments Are Proving Effective
What You Have To Fear From Artificial Intelligence
Humans Are Getting More Botlike on Twitter
The FDA, but with guns: How far should a little-known office go to track down counterfeit drugs?
It’s not rocket science: Climate change was behind this summer’s extreme weather


Whatever Happens This Election Proves Me Right About Everything (excellent)
The Political Theology of Trump (very good)
Democrats won big last night, in a vote that should, and does terrify Donald Trump
‘He’s not that kind of fighter.’ Can play-by-the-rules Chuck Schumer win on Trump’s turf?
N. Carolina elections are a huge win for democracy, paving the way to strike down GOP gerrymandering
Don’t park in bike lanes, D.C. officials tell major mail carriers (but our glorified ANC Member, aka ‘Mayor Bowser’ doesn’t want structural solutions, since they’re hard)
In D.C. Board of Education races, voters choose proponents of traditional public schools
Pundits talk about other events the way they have talked about the ‘blue wave’
Money Still Rules US Politics
Three of the biggest Trump fables died last night
The Midterms Showed Democrats the Way Forward: Class War
I Still Don’t Know If My Vote Will Be Counted in Florida
Scott Walker Thought He Could Get Away With Corporate Welfare
How Trump lost (and why it will get worse)
Republicans attack Jewish candidates across the U.S. with an age-old caricature: Fistfuls of cash

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