Understanding ‘Bad’ Democratic Voters: The George Soros Edition

A point I have tried to make repeatedly, as it bears on how Democrats can win elections in a country with a lot of white Christian bigots, is that a significant fraction of white racists vote Democratic (typically one-third to one-quarter depending on how you measure it, the particular poll, etc.). Well, this issue isn’t just limited to anti-black racism, there are Democrats who are loopy regarding George Soros, as polling data by YouGov indicates:


When we dive into the details (pdf, p. 58), we see that twenty percent of those who voted for Clinton in 2016 believe that “George Soros is funding the caravan” is definitely or probably true. As shown in the figure, 25 percent of Democrats believe this, so this is not a case of those Democrats who believe this are Democrats who didn’t vote for Clinton. ‘Good’ Democrats are buying into this anti-Semitic crap.

Of course, this is vastly preferable to Republicans (who clock in at 68%), conservatives (70%), and Trump supporters (78%). But there are a lot of bigots and prejudiced people–and enough of them vote Democratic in spite of and in opposition to their bigotry and prejudice for their Democratic votes to matter.

Verily, there are assholes and they walk among us. Figure out why they, despite the pseudo-woke Twitter narrative, are voting Democratic, and then do more of that.

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  1. They want healthcare & higher pay.

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