Links 11/7/18

Links for you. Science:

Trauma of US Civil War POW experience affected the next generation
A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico verges on becoming one of the worst in U.S. history
Europe’s Nobel laureates step up warnings about Brexit’s effect on science
The Republican Party has become the antivaccine party
A Chinese company unveils a powerful new sequencer. But can it compete in the U.S.?


Small Town Jews Are Used To Locked Synagogues: Twenty percent of American Jews live outside major metropolitan areas and experience blatant anti-Semitism
Big Money—Not Political Tribalism—Drives US Elections (R^2 of 0.85 is pretty good…)
Quick Thoughts on the Google Walkout
Who’s Winning the Democrats’ Wonk Primary?
Metro considers changes to weekend track work (on weekends, the Red Line starts single tracking one station short of the station with the most people living around, Dupont Circle)
White Supremacist Steve King Won’t Answer Question About His White Supremacist Views
A Party Defined by Its Lies
How did pieces of Martha Washington’s dishware from China get to a trash pit at Arlington House?
‘The American People Overwhelmingly Oppose Cuts to Social Security’
Rise of the Armed Left (I’ve been saying for several years this would happen; thankfully, they seem sane and take gun handling very seriously)
The Last Gasp of Northern Ireland
Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is a Moment of Reckoning for American Jews
The GOP narrative about black voters is that we’re stuck on the DNC “plantation,” but black voters are actually rational actors who vote in their best interests.
Trump’s Biggest Attempts to Roll Back Environmental Regulations Remain at the Starting Gate
‘I’ve never seen these positions politicized’: White House rejection of veterans judges raises concerns of partisanship
Witness to the killing
What does it mean to live like a socialist, or a capitalist?

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