Subpoena Envy

With the Democrats taking back the House, there is now the possibility of meaningful oversight of the Trump administration. In no particular order, here are some things they should investigate–and, yes, it reads like a ‘worst of’ for the last two years:

  1. Benghazi. WE MAKE THE FUNNY!
  2. Voter suppression. Make a bigly stink about this. Performative politics has its uses, and this will, to some small extent, work the media refs.
  3. Emoluments. Not limited to, but including the D.C Trump hotel (and make sure you determine if the contract with GSA was violated) and the FBI headquarters in D.C. Also, the Saudis. Keep pounding away on this.
  4. The EPA. Lordy, where to start? Bring Scott Pruitt back and make him squirm. Find out why global warming data is no longer available on the website. Also demand more evidence that supports the administration’s ongoing attempts to pollute our air, soil, and water.
  5. Il Trumpe’s taxes.
  6. Jared Kushner, both his slumlording and his conflicts of interest.
  7. The Department of Interior. The Interior IG described multiple conflicts of interest for Secretary Zinke. Let’s hear more! And there are some questionable policies too.
  8. The use of private emails to avoid federal records requirements. What are they hiding?
  9. 2016 campaign chicanery: Michael Flynn and elite racist Steve Bannon need to be asked about what they knew about foreign involvement in our elections.
  10. There are a shit ton of documents federal agencies have refused to release to Congress, even though they’re supposed to, ranging from efforts to downsize government to regulations that make it harder for whistleblowers. Go get ’em.
  11. The 2020 Census shenanigans. Wilbur Ross needs to testify.
  12. Security clearances violations (and not just Jared Kushner). Sure, our Top Sekrit system is clunky. But when intelligence agencies won’t willingly clear you because they think you’re a security risk, we need to understand why they think that.
  13. The politicization of administrative judges. Need to more about that.

Anyway, this is just what I thought of off the top of my head. And as always, now would be an excellent time for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

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3 Responses to Subpoena Envy

  1. zero says:

    He’s welcome to keep his tax returns private so long as a team of forensic accountants gets to go through the books of every company he’s touched, starting with Trump Org.

  2. Lynn D. Dewees says:

    He said again that the common folk couldn’t possibly understand his super complex taxes, as if the Congress doesn’t have access to any good accountants.

    You’ve got a good list there, any one or combination will do. Keep hitting Comrade Trumpski until he is punch drunk. He’ll start lashing out in anger and maybe, just maybe, even the RUBEPublicans will start to understand.

  3. IF the Dems get there before trump shuts everything down for good. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan & I know from experience that’s there’s always time to lose.

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