Some Post-Election Thoughts

Bit of a late night, and since the professional pundits are all geared up for instant analysis, here are some thoughts about tonight’s election:

  1. Democrats did better in the House than I thought, and were (possibly) true to form in the Senate.
  2. While Republicans are going to spin this, this was a repudiation–12 million more Senate votes for Democrats and they lost the House in an economy that isn’t much different from 2016. WOMP WOMP.
  3. The popular vote margin for Democrats was incredibly bigly. Gerrymandering is the only reason Republicans stood a chance in the House. The good news is that, last night, Florida voted to reenfranchise convicted felons. That means there will be an additional 1.4 million potential voters in Florida, and thanks to the inequities of our judicial system, they will be likely Democrats. This is good, and groundshaking, news for 2020.
  4. The Republicans were unable to breach almost any Democratic districts. By my reckoning, Republicans were 1/215, while Democrats picked off at least ten of the Republican seats. Here’s what I mean:
  5. Elite racist Steve King barely won in Iowa. Take away Iowa’s role in the primary and replace with a state with fewer neo-Nazi sympathizers (heartland values!).
  6. In local news, progressive Elissa Silverman fought off corporate-backed Reeder. The campaign was ugly, and referring to Silverman, who is Jewish, as an outsider the week eleven Jews were murdered in Pittsburgh wasn’t a good look. Also, Bowser made a lot of enemies by targeting Silverman.

Lots more to say over the next week about what Democrats should do next, but right now, if you voted Democratic, and especially if you donated, phonebanked, canvassed, or volunteered, enjoy the day. After two years of a never ending shitshow, we get a day to enjoy this. Then we start leaning on Democrats to be better and more competent. This is just the beginning of the beginning.

Also, now would be an excellent time for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

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  1. Min says:

    Re: Close elections

    Close elections in unfavorable districts or state-wide should not be considered failures in the sense of discrediting strategies. Consistently getting close means that sometimes you will win, with the same strategy. “Yeah, but they didn’t win,” is not a good criticism in such cases.

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