Links 8/19/18

Links for you. Science:

How The Black Death (Sort Of) Killed A Viking Colony And Transformed Europe
Scientists Say We Can’t Terraform Mars. Elon Musk Says We Can.
Plan to replicate 50 high-impact cancer papers shrinks to just 18 (“The bottom line is mixed: Five were mostly repeatable, three were inconclusive, and two studies were negative, but the original findings have been confirmed by other labs.”)
Worshiping the False Idols of Wellness
That’s Not Algae Swirling on the Beach. Those Are Green Worms.


Congressional staff turnover isn’t usually a problem. But when it is, it’s bad.
Uber and Lyft won’t solve traffic. Local governments must step in.
The Case for Rooms
Sarah Jeong, The New York Times, and the Gamergate School of Journalism
Why Arizona Is Building Tiny Homes for School Teachers
Seeking revenge for Alex Jones, far-right trolls unleash harassment on verified Twitter users
How on earth have we let Trump get away with hiding his tax returns?
Under “Zero Tolerance,” Many Border Crossers Without Kids Escaped Prosecution
Three Children, Two Abortions
The Story Behind the Chicago Newspaper That Bought a Bar
People Who Have Never Lived In Poverty Should Stop Telling Poor People What To Do
Health Care Lobbyists Secretly Secure Democrats’ Opposition to “Medicare for All,” Internal Documents Show
A ban on apartments hurts public education
What the Movement to Abolish ICE Looks Like on the Ground
There Will Be No Chinese Century

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