The Feature Twitter Needs

Well, really what it needs is a less Nazis setting, but in lieu of that, here’s my suggestion. Often when some story is BREAKING, there is a huge bolus of retweets and quote tweets that takes over my timeline. I’m guessing that a significant fraction of my followers also have this careening through their timelines too. Much of the time, retweeting that BREAKING tweet is probably pointless, if not annoying.

What Twitter should do–and this is a lot easier than the Nazi thing (which they should still fix)–is tell me how many times (or what percentage) people in my timeline have retweeted or quote tweeted that tweet. While it would take some learning as to what a ‘widely-distributed’ tweet would actually be, this would be helpful.

Though stopping the Nazis would be better.

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  1. Joe Shelby says:

    With Facebook this is a little harder to do, because everybody is sharing the same ‘trending’ story, but from from any one root source the way a single tweet would go viral. Time, CNN, HuffPost, WashPost, NYTimes, hundreds of local affiliates (often just echoing the AP feed), and the AP or Reuters feeds directly. It really means a story can’t be escaped or avoided.

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