Links 6/3/18

Links for you. Science:

NIH Ginther Fail: A transformative research project
So apparently Jordan Peterson has a section in his book about lobster social behavior.
(one of the) Biggest Concerns/Problem in Grants I Have Reviewed (This Time)
NIH Ginther Fail: This is not anything like real grant review
Emails show cooperation among EPA, climate-change deniers


These guys put the quid in pro quo
Remembering Soldiers Service
Stephanie Kelton Has The Biggest Idea In Washington
The high price of feminism in the ‘new’ Saudi Arabia
How Adlai Stevenson Stopped Russian Interference in the 1960 Election
The Myth of Conservative Feminism
The Myth of Trump’s Populist Revolt
The Coup Has Already Happened. So What Are We Going to Do About It?
The Last Days of Time Inc.
At Santa Fe High School, my daughter phoned: ‘I’m hiding in a closet. I love you, Mom.’
A Most Violent Year
Antifascism and the Left’s Fear of Power
One year ago today my Trump photo was released. I have planned on doing this thread for a while but the fact that Sarah Sanders brought my name up at the podium today makes it even more appropriate for me to share some thoughts on what happened.
Trump has been steadily stacking top posts with hate group leaders and anti-immigrant activists
The Prosperity Plea
New Yorkers Gave Rudy Giuliani the Reception He Deserves at a Yankee Game This Weekend

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