Links 6/2/18

Links for you. Science:

Exploring the Microbiome of Callinectes sapidus (Maryland Blue Crab)
New Evidence Reveals a 17,000-Year-Old Coastal Route Into North America
Would Rachel Carson eat organic?
World’s oldest lizard fossil forces rethink of reptile family tree
How Justin Trudeau and Jerry Brown Can Help Save the Great Barrier Reef


Chuck Schumer Is Not Cutting It
Just when you thought the past was happily entombed, the curse of social networking is conjuring it up.
Jeff Bezos Announces Customers Can Delete All Of Alexa’s Stored Audio By Rappelling Into Amazon HQ, Navigating Laser Field, Uploading Nanovirus To Servers
Florida court awards $0.04 to family of man killed by cop inside his own garage
Puerto Rico Matters More
On Race: The Moral High Ground
“Green Streets” keep streams and rivers safe. So why are some communities rejecting them?
The New Estimate of Deaths in Puerto Rico Reflects a Broader and Shameful Neglect
The record-low birthrate offers yet another sign that millennials are economically screwed
The Diplomat Who Quit the Trump Administration
Why Is A Healthcare Workers’ Union Giving Money To Republicans?
Antonin Scalia was wrong about the meaning of ‘bear arms’
Craft Beer’s Moral High Ground Doesn’t Apply to Its Workers
Are We at Full Employment? Taking Issue With Paul Krugman
Left-Wing Campus PC Strikes Again (I’m guessing Bari Weiss won’t be writing about this…)
N.F.L.’s Alternate ‘Cheerleaders’ Don’t Cheer or Dance
Hands off my data! 15 default privacy settings you should change right now
MS-13 is Republicans’ new Willie Horton

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