Teaching the Mad Biologist

Someone is using a post from this blog for a course. The ongoing corruption of the youth of America continues…. I noticed links from this website, which is an online syllabus for a course on digital curation. The course seems interesting (even if the description is written in that jargony, coursebook way):

Digital curation focuses on the active and on-going management of digital artifacts through their lifecycle, particularly by maintaining and adding value to a trusted body of digital information for current and future use. Curation activities and policies enable data discovery and retrieval, maintain data quality and add value, and promote re-use and interoperability. This course will provide an overview of a broad range of theoretical and practical problems in this emerging field, and will examine issues related to data creation, appraisal and selection, long-lived data collections, research lifecycles, workflows, metadata, legal and intellectual property issues.

The post in the syllabus is this one, which is about genomics and data release policies.
Anyway, I bet I’m going to get a few hits on October 6…

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