Cuddly Nazis Aren’t So Cuddly After All

Just a quick reminder that when the NY Times was giving Nazis–actual fucking Nazis–the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, Nazis were always shitty, vile people. Because Nazis. That one of the poster boys was arrested for attacking his group’s co-founder after his co-founder and poster boy’s wife found he was having an affair with his stepmother (sounds kinda porny) is just par for the course–you can’t quarantine moral corruption.

While the NY Times ran a story about this, it was inside the fold and simply an AP wire story. Time for a newspaper subscription ethics panel!*

*For those of you not aware of all internet traditions, there was a period around ten years ago, where newspapers, who felt that bloooogers were destroying journalism and what we needed were more panel discussions about the ethics (and lack thereof) of filthy bloggers. These were joking referred to as blogger ethics panels.

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