Links 3/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Is science really facing a reproducibility crisis, and do we need it to?
The government has been undercounting opioid overdose deaths up to 35 percent, study says
How Psychopaths See the World
Doctors find virus in a pond, use it to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria in man’s heart
Federal Agency Courted Alcohol Industry to Fund Study on Benefits of Moderate Drinking


4.4 million 2012 Obama voters stayed home in 2016 — more than a third of them black (my take here)
D.C. lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by ‘Rothschilds controlling the climate’ (his apology was alright, or at least, as best as can be done under the circumstances–which are awful. There’s a larger issue here, about latent anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party, which probably had a small, but real, effect on the 2016 primary)
Why Goldman Sachs alums go into government
The racial dimension of student debt
The unemployment rate is low. It should be even lower.
Were the Colonists Patriots or Insurgents?
“Abolish ICE,” explained
Gotta Deliver
How Russia’s rich elite spend their billions in London
The Smallness of Mark Zuckerberg
Arizona Rank-And-File Teachers Plan Day Of Action In ‘Ground Zero’ For Koch Brothers’ Agenda
On the Dangers of Following Louis Farrakhan
This Trump fan would like to ‘buy American.’ So why doesn’t he?
“It must have been your fault. C’mon. You are a biker.”
Why I’m Relieved Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Writing Captain America
Kate Harding on the NOI controversy
Betsy DeVos’s disastrous interview shows the limitations of being rich
T’s snow-removal equipment looks like something from a film
Fixing the tax bill: How Democrats should use some rare leverage

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  1. Andrew( an Englishman) says:

    Re Colonial “Patriots”-they were of course Traitors, especially Washington who had sworn an oath of allegiance to King George III when he served during the Seven years War.

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