The Triumph of the Coalition of the Sane

Tonight is a triumph for the Coalition of the Sane.

While legitimized insanity has been happening since the Reagan era (Got James Watt?), the last eight years have been dreadful for those not suffering from massive psychological delusions. Our political discourse (such as it is) has moved well beyond arguing over marginal income tax rates. We are, instead, arguing about basic physical, material phenomena: is global warming real; did evolution actually happen; how does human reproduction work?
This is insane. No biologist or climatologist should ever have to waster her time arguing with the biological or climatological equivalent of flat-earthism. Not only does this waste energy that could be used far more productively (nose-picking would be more useful….), but it means we can not make progress confronting real problems. Global warming, infectious disease, human illness: these are not problems imagined in our pretty little heads (unlike, let’s say, the idea that a fertilized egg is a person, which is a ‘moral’ problem of our own invention). These problems are based in actual reality.
The other reason this is a victory for we of the Coalition of the Sane is that tonight is crushing defeat for the politics of racism. This does not mean we are now in a ‘post-racial’ society, but tonight matters. I’ve spent some time this election cycle phonebanking, and I’ve encountered more than a few bigots. What’s sad is that they know racism is wrong and even self-destructive, but they….. just …can’t …quit. It’s was like watching a drunk struggle to put the bottle down. This horrible addiction, which is the only reason The Swing Vote That Shall Not Be Named ever existed, is utterly insane. No ethical political party should ever embrace racism as political strategy. When a sitting U.S. senator publicly admits that his party requires racism to win, his party must be crushed for the good of the Republic. Our basic humanity requires no less.
And then there was all of the eliminationist rhetoric. For our opposition to insanity and ignorance, we were called sluts, whores, godless, and treacherous by those who ran our country into a ditch.
This night is our vindication and our just reward.

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5 Responses to The Triumph of the Coalition of the Sane

  1. llewelly says:

    Er. Wait. A photo of an invading tank in Iraq is being used as a symbol of Democratic victory? That does not bode well. Democrats do not fare well in tanks, as Dukakis learned. Nor do they fare well when associated with invasions – as Lyndon B Johnson learned.

    Beyond that – according to cnn, the hate propositions in Florida, Arizona, and California (all banning gay marriage), and the hate initiative in Arkansas (banning adoption by gays) have all passed. Religion has done a lot of harm this election cycle. (NYT thinks CA’s propHate is too close to call.)

  2. NoAstronomer says:

    Nor do they fare well when associated with invasions

    Minor history nitpick:
    FDR : D-Day, Mariannas, Leyte Gulf etc
    Truman : Inchon
    Just ignore the Bay of Pigs since that wasn’t really a US operation 😉

  3. Matthew Platte says:

    That’s not just any old tank operation either. It’s an American armored assault on a civilian vehicle. Yeah, pencil dick, that’ll sure show them towelheads who’s boss. Fuck that “hearts and minds” bullshit.
    Or was the choice of this particular photo to illustrate the disgusting face of imperialism? Shrug.

  4. Joshua says:

    Y’all might wanna find a dictionary and look up “irony”. Stop by “sarcasm” on your way back. Hint: It’s not just for words!

  5. Rich Lawler says:

    In addition, I’m happy to see that the DC voters were able to oblige Sarah Palin with respect to her self-characterization as a “Washington outsider”–McSame/Failin’ picked up 7% of the vote, woo-hoo!

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