Links 3/13/18

Links for you. Science:

Stricter rules for antibiotics eyed for bills on animal drug fees
Hawaii: Where Evolution Can Be Surprisingly Predictable
Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists
A simple test for uncorrected insertions and deletions (indels) in bacterial genomes
A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health: National Library of Medicine Strategic Plan 2017–2027


Under Trump, the ‘forgotten men and women’ are still forgotten
Here’s one way to clean up college basketball: start paying the workforce
The Parkland kids are revealing America’s failings for all to see
The NRA and its allies use jargon to bully gun-control supporters
Ellison takes point
Why Are Democrats Helping Trump Dismantle Dodd-Frank?
Why Does Everyone Keep Looking at Me?
Holocaust Museum rescinds Elie Wiesel Award to Nobel winner Aung San Suu Kyi
Bang Bang Crazy, Part 12: Excuses, Excuses
The Real Threat To Campuses Isn’t ‘PC Culture.’ It’s Racism.
NYT’s Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel
Students from Parkland and Chicago unite to expand the gun control conversation
Five myths about gerrymandering
There’s A Fight Brewing Between The NYPD And Silicon Valley’s Palantir
The West Virginia teachers strike is over. But Oklahoma and Arizona may be next.
Partisanship in the Trump Era (pdf)
The DCCC should chill out and do less to try to pick Democrats’ nominees
Steven Pinker has a new book out. It is, predictably, getting a lot of praise. So I would like to make a few comments about Pinker’s last book, “The Better Angels of Our Nature,” which was riddled w/ bad analyses, cherry-picked data, and, in many regards, TERRIBLE sourcing.

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