A Hypothesis About Why NY Times Op-Ed Writers Obsess About College Students

So Ben Mathis-Lilley asks “Sweet Jesus, will the NYT’s conservatives ever write about anything but the “Intolerant Left” ever again?” In a statistical sense, I’m sure they will. But there’s a reason, among several, why they obsess about college campuses: they’re not really competent to write about anything else (and the incompetence goes all the way to the top). What does David Brooks, Bret Stephens, or Bari Weiss know about anything that, let’s say, I don’t? (mind you, this is damning with faint praise). It’s not like they can say anything intelligent about many of the issues of the day: they’re not experts in anything (except figuring out how to get a big NY Times paycheck–which is a good skill, I suppose). Remember when Stephens wrote about climate change, he beclowned himself.

Years ago, when someone asked me why I started blogging, I told them that there was no possible way I could be dumber than either David Brooks or David Broder. I just couldn’t be, so why not write?

But this stuff, they can write about, and they need to fill columns with something.

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One Response to A Hypothesis About Why NY Times Op-Ed Writers Obsess About College Students

  1. itsathought2 says:

    Honestly they have the best of worlds. No need to invest themselves in being an expert and yet paid to blather like they are.

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