Links 12/27/17

Links for you. Science:

Alabamian with diabetes built her own artificial pancreas, gives away plan for free
Precious Gems Bear Messages From Earth’s Molten Heart
Sometimes Seeing More Endangered Tigers Isn’t a Good Sign
Why You Need the Flu Shot Every Year
Apollo 8 and the 50/50 bet that won the Space Race for America


The Media Must Stop Normalizing Nazis
For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map App
Doug Jones Scores Upset in Alabama Senate Race
Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too
LEAKED: Head Of FCC Mocks Impending Destruction Of The Internet
Doug Jones’s Victory Shows Why Democrats Must Compete Everywhere
Metro Blames Aging Cable For Red Line Signal Problems, Days Of Reduced Service Ahead (note that Metro wasn’t going to tell people until riders figured out something was wrong from the rider data…)
The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger
It’s time to start thinking of driving like smoking
Journalists aren’t as tied by NDAs as they think
Ban Cars (interesting…)
The ones that got away: Jonesboro’s survivors — and the shooters — recall a moment of horror
The Last Days of Roy Moore: Inside the Strange, Surreal, Bewildering End of the Alabama Special Election
Here’s a List of the Members of Congress Who Just Told Ajit Pai to Repeal Net Neutrality
2017 Was Bad for Facebook. 2018 Will Be Worse.
FCC Vote Will Crush Rural Broadband and Entrepreneurship
Centrists are going to learn the wrong lessons from Doug Jones’ win

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