Norway Spruce?

I don’t know if this is actually a Norway Spruce, but every year, Norway gives a Christmas tree to the U.S. Observed at Union Station, D.C.:

Union station tree 2017

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3 Responses to Norway Spruce?

  1. All the Norway Spruces I’ve seen have been pretty open and droopy-branched as opposed to this tight, toned, gym-enhanced showpiece, but maybe that’s merely the difference between Sarah Palin and Jennifer Lawrence. Anyway, Norway, Norwegian; it’s just semantics, right?

  2. Ketil Tveiten says:

    That thing isn’t even an actual tree, it’s a conical frame covered in tree-bits. You can even see the bottom of the frame. Actual spruces have, you know, *branches*. I’m surprised they didn’t get an actual tree, we (Norway) give an actual tree to London, for instance.

  3. sigmund Aas says:

    And here I thought I was the only Norwegian reading this blog!

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