Tweets On The Tax Bill

We’ll outsource the commmentary on the hideous Republican tax bill to the Twitterz:

This, plus eleventy gajillion:

Is our Democrats learning:

Or Maryland Gov. Paul Hogan:

Though why Dems didn’t say, “No tax returns, we will shut the Senate down” (and they still can!)

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2 Responses to Tweets On The Tax Bill

  1. harrync says:

    but why? I don’t understand. “well, I thought moderate policy was good but since republicans are assholes I’m a socialist now” this makes no sense’. No, it makes a lot of sense. If the other side is willing to compromise, then compromise. But the GOP has decided it is now Winner Take All. In the current political climate, if you win and compromise, you are a fool. If you win, better take all you can.

  2. sglover says:

    Oh wow, the righteous fury of ol’ Nan Pelosi, yammering on for the ten-billionth time about how mean and insincere those Republicans are. What a goddam joke. You wanna see Dem “thinking” in action? Check out this brilliant tweet from the Senate Democrats:

    “The GOP once believed in bipartisanship” — complete with a picture of Saint Ronnie Reagan. Nobody, but **nobody**, scores own-goals like those worthless time servers.

    Why the fuck didn’t ANY Dem have the stones to throw a wrench in the gears of this wretched banana republic manuever? How is it that **Republicans** always go to the wall, filibuster, do whatever it takes — while Dems do nothing but whine like children? (That last is a two-fer: It also burnishes the Dem “brand” as the Pathetic Loser Party.)

    Republicans have been playing to win, and winning, since at least the days of Lee Atwater. Now, aside from doing valuable scutwork for their owners/donors, they are counting on an endless series of skirmishes and harrying actions over budgets, taxes, The *gasp* Deficit. Who wouldn’t relish a contest like that, when the “opponent” is certain to get outplayed, and then fold, every time?!?!?

    Although there’s some encouraging local-level activism going on (NONE of it aided by Dems**; much of it stymied by them), as far as I can tell the Dem 2018 “strategy” is this: We’re going to fall into a big win because Trump is so gauche — and Russia Putin Russia Putin! I suspect that Trump is costing Republicans more support than he’s garnering for them, but consider this: The economy is, finally, kinda sorta pulling out of the 2008 catastrophe. It has absolutely nothing to do with Trump or the Republicans, of course — but they will gain the political benefits. If nothing else, it’s likely to dampen the “kick the bastards out” vote. I see zero evidence that Dems have considered this at all. It’s a long time to the midterms, and I expect the Republicans will probably lose more seats than they gain, but I think they have a very good shot at retaining very workable numbers.

    ** Here “Dems” also includes their celebrity hangers-on, the Krugmans, the Maddows, the Vox wankers — all the self-admiring geniuses who are still scrambling to purge the Sanders apostasy.

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