Links 12/2/17

Links for you. Science:

Asian Elephants Are Now Being Killed for Their Skin
The Complicated Legacy Of A Panda Who Was Really Good At Sex
So much for the abominable snowman. Study finds that ‘yeti’ DNA belongs to bears
Two Widely Used Pesticides Found to Disorient and Sicken Migrating Songbirds
Barry Myers, Trump’s pick to run NOAA, declares humans are main cause of climate change


Salt of the earth
70 years after partition, a two-state solution is still possible
China’s Top Economic Risk? Education.
The dangers of obsessively and reflexively hating all things Trump
Trump, Proxy of Racism
Transit experts propose ending NYC’s 24/7 subway system (the crapification of the U.S. continues!)
How the Super Lawyer David Boies Turned a Young Novelist’s Sexual Past Against Her
Evaluating Danica Roem’s Transportation Platform
This Is How Every Genocide Begins
#MeToo Is All Too Common in National Security
New business improvement district proposed for northern Dupont
Republicans’ Tax Lies Show the Rot Spreads Wide and Runs Deep
Chinese man repaints road markings to make his commute quicker
Kick Against the Pricks
Use This Tool to See If Your Name Was Used to Support Net Neutrality Repeal
Flynn’s Deeds Are Much Worse Than We Thought
How to handle our Twitter troll president
The Trump Administration Is Mulling A Pitch For A Private “Rendition” And Spy Network
The Kids Today

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