Links 11/26/17

Links for you. Science:

Donald Trump’s science office is a ghost town
How Coral Researchers Are Coping With the Death of Reefs
The prehistory of biology preprints: A forgotten experiment from the 1960s
Here’s the deal with all those turkeys terrorizing the suburbs
Speaking out about sexual harassment in shark science


Alex Azar, Trump’s HHS Pick, Has Already Been a Disaster for People With Diabetes: While he was at Eli Lilly, the company more than tripled the price of its best-selling insulin.
Congress Must End All Non-Disclosure Agreements: That way, we have a truly transparent view of sexual harassment in government
Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm: The 2020 count might be put in the hands of an inexperienced professor who wrote that ‘Competitive Elections are Bad for America.’
It makes sense for progressives to go after Trump voters, too
Newsflash: Men Are Jerks
T overhauls fares for $723 million
All-electronic fare collection on the T: MBTA moving toward London model
Gossip and News, Strange Bedfellows
Trump’s declining popularity is hurting his businesses
At $3,700 a Month, ‘Affordable’ Apartments Go Begging
GOP governor makes Massachusetts first state to ensure free birth control: Gov. Charlie Baker called it a bipartisan bill to provide critical access
‘Beyond Vulgar’: Human Hair Buildup in Metro System Poses Fire Threat
When the pizza delivery guy is also ‘Nazi Bob’
How a half-educated tech elite delivered us into chaos
We should all be working a four-day week. Here’s why
Dear Nobel Winners, Mr. Trump Has All the Brains He Needs
When the Right Pushes Fake Jews

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2 Responses to Links 11/26/17

  1. Barbara Piper says:

    I know the era ended a while back, but the stories about changing fees for the T in Boston gave me a brief and warm recollection of one of my early experiences when I arrived many years ago — and got a Mexican coin (maybe 3 pesos? I don’t recall the denomination) as a token from the T window at Harvard Square. I asked about it, and the person behind the window shrugged and said that it would work fine — and it did. So I had an archaeologist friend of mine pick up a large handful of those coins when he was in Mexico, about 5 cents each as I recall, and rode the T for that discount for the four years I spent in town. Clearly those days are past!

  2. Molly Cruz says:

    When stories erupt concerning Trump’s miserable choices for virtually every post, one has to wonder WHO would risk working with/for him as to their careers and reputations? My feeling since Pence is that NOBODY would, but losers and sycophants, many of whom are shot down when interviewed by their miserable backgrounds and incompetence, matching his own; and that’s the problem: not his choices, but the choices made by contestants for whatever post we’re discussing.

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