Links 11/12/16

Links for you. Science:

When It Comes to Success, Age Really Is Just a Number
‘Any idiot can do it.’ Genome editor CRISPR could put mutant mice in everyone’s reach
NIH research project will upgrade ‘metagenomics’ system
Genetic test costs taxpayers $500 million a year, with little to show for it
Oldest known evidence of Aboriginal settlement in arid Australia found in Flinders Ranges rock shelter


The High Price of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (must-read)
Why You Won’t Get Your Day in Court
Thoughts On Question 2 and Charter School Expansion
The Men Feminists Left Behind
Creating a National Security State ‘Democracy,’ Or How the American Political System Changed and No One Noticed
An American in a Strange Land (should be read after the previous post)
6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying
A Fence in the Water
How the Hells Angels Conquered Canada
Safer Streets: Design is Better Than Enforcement
The Deception of Density
Pseudoscience at Gate B6
The Great Recession: Restrained but resilient, a style of acting has taken hold that speaks to an era’s anxieties
Is Attending the ‘Best’ High School Academically Irrelevant?
Iceland’s Election Draws 79 Percent Turnout. The US? Not So Much.
For Helping Immigrants, Chobani’s Founder Draws Threats
Stop Scapegoating Third Parties!
Mirror Not Yet Invent
My Dreams Gone
The Wisconsinification of the USA

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One Response to Links 11/12/16

  1. sglover says:

    First, a notice there’s been a dearth of links to that outhouse known as “Vox”. Excellent!

    Second, this has to be the definitive example of Dem cluelessness, irresponsibility, and raw arrogance ever: HRC herself claims that “Comey letters threw the election to Trump”.

    Fish-head-rot….. Cosmic-scale blame-shifting like this is unbelievable, and then again all too believable, considering the source..

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