A Lesson To Learn From The DCCC’s Abortion Follies

Yesterday, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) claimed that there would be no litmus test of supporting legal and safe abortion. I’ve discussed before why I think the Democrats have adopted this strategy (and why it’s stupid), so I won’t rehash that point here.

Instead, let’s think back to the campaign and how many Democrats–including this life-long Democrat–were tired of the Democratic establishment’s disdain for, not to mention campaign against, what used to be called liberal Democrats. Many of us are tired of being taken for granted, and then being jettisoned in the name of political expediency–it’s being going on for at least a quarter century. Yet too many rank-and-file Democrats, typically those who are more moderate on economics, turned on this rather loyal group. Not exactly a good look.

In light of yesterday’s announcement, many advocates of safe and legal abortion are expressing the same feelings of outrage and betrayal, especially, since in this instance too, it’s really stupid policy and politics. My point isn’t ‘welcome to our hell, shitheads’–seriously, I don’t think this. But maybe some of our complaints about the idiocy and corruption–and how is throwing women’s rights overboard in the name of political power not a form of corruption–of the Democratic establishment, including the DCCC, the the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic National Committee weren’t so off the mark?

Maybe political desperation might encourage some political solidarity. One might even learn that most of the ‘Sanders wing’ of the Democratic Party are just… Democrats. We might even be good allies.it’s really stupid policy and politics

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  1. Dave dell says:

    I have a litmus test. Openly pro-choice and you get my money (such as it is) and my positive comments to other potential donors/voters and my vote. Not openly pro-choice? Maybe my vote if the alternative is a horror show. It’s that simple.

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