Links 7/27/17

Links for you. Science:

That French plan to attract climate scientists? It’s working.
Illumina 2 colour chemistry can overcall high confidence G bases
Trump’s love of Mar-a-Lago is bad news for sharks
Impossibly hungry judges
Scientists plan to trick Zika-carrying mosquitoes into breeding themselves out of existence


So What Are We Going To Do About It (“If the thing standing between loss and victory for Democrats is the fact that it is difficult… for black people to vote, then what are the people with the big campaign bucks planning to do about it?” Nothing, because this won’t make Democratic consultants rich.)
As subways suffer, Cuomo plans choreographed bridge lights
Why People From Manchester Are Mancunians, Not Manchesterians
Indiana Legislators Don’t Care About Negative Results of Vouchers
What Are China’s Military Ambitions?
America Wasn’t All That Great
What’s It All About
New data show more than half of NYC teachers judged, in part, by test scores they don’t directly affect
Sued Over Displaying Rainbow Flag At The Capitol, Va. Congressman Says ‘It’s Absurd’
After Outcry, League Relinquishes Columbia Heights Soccer Field
Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up?
The Case Against the Public Option
Artists’ Collective: After a promising buildout, grand visions for a summer arts space fizzle when it becomes a pop-up beer garden.
A few more thoughts on the Opportunity Corridor and Cleveland Clinic.
Check out what the FBI building site used to look like
Israel’s War Against George Soros

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