There Are Two Kinds Of Anti-Trump Conservatives

And the difference matters. A fair number of conservatives are disgusted by Trump personally, but they seem incapable of understanding that he’s just riding the beast they fed. In other words, Trump himself is the problem, not the party that elected him. Joe Scarborough is an excellent example of this type of conservative (Buckley? Buckley referred to the Civil Rights movement as the “Negro Revolt”–and definitely not in a good way. Every bit as racist as Trump. He just used bigger words).

While I’ll take their opposition, in the long run, they are part of the problem, not the solution. Without realizing that their policies and politics enabled and led to Trump, nothing will change. But there are conservatives who recognize the stinking reek the Republican Party is today (boldface mine):

Let me suggest the real problem is not the Trump family, but the GOP.

…If the GOP had not become unhinged about the Clintons, would it have rationalized Trump as the lesser of two evils? Only in the crazed bubble of right-wing hysteria does an ethically challenged, moderate Democrat become a threat to Western civilization and Trump the salvation of America.

Indeed, for decades now, demonization — of gays, immigrants, Democrats, the media, feminists, etc. — has been the animating spirit behind much of the right. It has distorted its assessment of reality, giving us anti-immigrant hysteria, promulgating disrespect for the law (how many “respectable” conservatives suggested disregarding the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage?), elevating Fox News hosts’ blatantly false propaganda as the counterweight to liberal media bias and preventing serious policy debate. For seven years, the party vilified Obamacare without an accurate assessment of its faults and feasible alternative plans…

We have always had in our political culture narcissists, ideologues and flimflammers, but it took the 21st-century GOP to put one in the White House. It took elected leaders such as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and the Republican National Committee (not to mention its donors and activists) to wave off Trump’s racists attacks on a federal judge, blatant lies about everything from 9/11 to his own involvement in birtherism, replete evidence of disloyalty to America (i.e. Trump’s “Russia first” policies), misogyny, Islamophobia, ongoing potential violations of the Constitution’s emoluments clause (along with a mass of conflicts of interests), firing of an FBI director, and now, evidence that the campaign was willing to enlist a foreign power to defeat Clinton in the presidential election.

Out of its collective sense of victimhood came the GOP’s disdain for not just intellectuals but also intellectualism, science, Economics 101, history and constitutional fidelity. If the Trump children became slaves to money and to their father’s unbridled ego, then the GOP became slaves to its own demons and false narratives. A party that has to deny climate change and insist illegal immigrants are creating a crime wave — because that is what “conservatives” must believe, since liberals do not — is a party that will deny Trump’s complicity in gross misconduct. It’s a party as unfit to govern as Trump is unfit to occupy the White House. It’s not by accident that Trump chose to inhabit the party that has defined itself in opposition to reality and to any “external moral truth or ethical code.”

How this is different from what liberals have been saying about conservatives for years escapes me.

They are who we said they were. And there is no balm in Gilead for those sin-sick souls.

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