Links 7/17/17

Links for you. Science:

The Power and Peril of “Climate Disaster Porn”
Teen Abortions Surged In Texas After Republicans Defunded Planned Parenthood (no one could have predicted…)
GOOP’s misogynistic, mansplaining hit job (excellent; must-read)
Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions
These animals can survive until the end of the Earth, astrophysicists say (and biologists say, “Not so fast…”)


Trump’s Russian Laundromat (I’ve been saying all along that the real problems could revolve around money laundering & sanctions)
The Wall Begins to Crumble: Notes on Collusion
Mass. Historical Society acquires sword of Robert Gould Shaw
Senate Begins Confirmation Hearings for Trump FBI Pick Tied to Torture, Gitmo
God works in monetary ways his wonders to perform
Trump’s expected pick for wage chief sued for stiffing house cleaners
D.C.’s Insidious Culture of Developer Influence Won’t End With Campaign Finance Reform
Republicans and Democrats Continue to Block Drug Reimportation – After Publicly Endorsing It
Bowser Seeks More Power to Subpoena Landlords
Americans Struggle With Nuance, Especially on Russia
What’s Time to a Pig?: The Cost of Cost-Sharing in Health Care Insurance
The new GOP health-care plan is still an abomination
With Amazon on the rise and a business tycoon in the the White House, can a new generation of Democrats return the party to its trust-busting roots?
Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milo’s Patrons
Democrats, get a grip: Emmanuel Macron is not your progressive savior
Trump Team Met Russian Accused of International Hacking Conspiracy (THIS IS FINE)

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